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About us

Our Vision…
Our vision is to be an organization dedicated to a healthy community where Indigenous people, through family, community and cultural support, reflect pride, respect and self-esteem in realizing their individual potential.

Since our inception, Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society's mission has been to nurture and support the strength and resilience of Indigenous families, children, and youth. 

Our Core Beliefs & Values

  • Opokaa’sin provides programs and services to encourage self-sufficiency, respect of the individual and culturally appropriate support services

  • To provide Indigenous children and families with culturally appropriate and holistic services to meet the needs of raising healthy children and families.

  • To provide social advocacy for Indigenous children and families.

  • To strengthen parenting capacities of all Indigenous families to care for our children.

  • To enhance and strengthen family functioning and connect families to appropriate community resources and services.

  • To preserve family unit where our children’s safety can be supported.

  • Opokaa’sin adheres to the Circle of Courage model of raising children with the core values of Generosity, Mastery, Independence and Belonging.

Our Goals
To empower Indigenous  children, youth and   families
       To develop and deliver culturally appropriate services
            To provide early intervention and support
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