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Early Intervention



Indigenous Family Resource Network 

An inclusive and accessible family-focused, child and youth centered, community based Centre (Hub) coordinating the prevention and early intervention services through collaborative partnerships with qualified services providers (Spokes). 

Local organizations working in partnership with the Indigenous Family Resource Network:

Contact us today, let us help connect you and your family to the resources you need! 

How to register for Early Intervention Programs:

Part 1 - Register for After School Program here!

Part 2 - Book appointment with Early Intervention Admin to complete an orientation!

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Remember spaces are limited and fill up quickly, no spots are held - only completed applications will be granted enrollment!

After School Program

     Group mentorship is provided through these after school programs that take place Monday through Thursday from 3:30 – 5:30 Pm. Children are exposed to a variety of programs that foster self-esteem, access to community programs and services and cultural teachings on various days. Elders are brought in for storytelling, cultural teachings and general sharing of talents. It is our belief that these after school programs will provide a basis for fostering self-esteem, self-confidence and resiliency, especially in the school setting. Our objective for this program is to increase social competency, thus decreasing anti-social behaviors. This program is geared towards children ages 6-12 years of age.

Parents and Children Together (PACT) 

     These programs are geared to families with children ages 0-5 years

of age. Various parenting and play programs are offered in a learner

directed approach that focuses on promotion of parental involvement,

safety, traditional parenting techniques and supportive environments of

parents with their young children. Parents find support while children

meet new friends.

Pre-Natal Program

                            The prenatal program is offered in a series of 6 classes that will take you through the                                            whole experience of pregnancy and the early weeks of parenthood. A range of                                               topics such as healthy pregnancy, preterm labor and low birth weight, breast                                                feeding, preparation for parenting, caring for a newborn and infant safety. The                                               participants are provided with a healthy snack and an incentive upon completion                                          of the prenatal classes.

Summer Camps

     The goal of the summer camp program is provide aboriginal children and youth an opportunity to access summer recreational activities along with cultural teachings. The summer program planning and activities are planned around the Circle of Courage Model four quadrants: Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity. The summer camps provide children with a variety of cultural, recreational and healthy lifestyle activities that develop personal growth, pride and respect.

For more information on any of our Early Intervention Programs please contact the office at (403)380-2569 or email our

Early Intervention Team Leader.

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