Our Early Learning programs include the Kindergarten and Atan Head Start - we focus on 6 core areas:

Education & School Readiness

Health & Wellness

Parental Involvement 

Proper Nutrition

Social Support Access

Aboriginal Culture & Blackfoot Language

Please see our calendar to see any upcoming events!

Prayer & Smudge with Gramma Velma

Kindergarten Graduates

Our Teachers and Education Assistants are experienced and engaging, they strive to prepare your child during their most important developmental years! 

Atan Headstart was named after a wonderful Elder, the late Margaret "Atan" Hindman, who dedicated her life to raising numerous children and teaching them our Blackfoot ways to the little ones. Atan was a true advocate of children and her love of them will continue through her teachings.

How to register for Early Learning Programs:

Part 1 - Register for Kindergarden or Headstart here!

Part 2 - Book appointment with Early Learning Admin to complete an orientation!

Remember spaces are limited and fill up quickly, no spots are held - only completed applications will be granted enrollment!

Parents are more than welcome to volunteer in the classroom, there are many ways you can help - donating snack, helping prepare snack, supervising on field trips, anything - we would sincerely appreciate it!

Early Learning

241 Stafford Drive North Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 3T6 | Phone: (403)380-2569 | Fax: (403)327-6775

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