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Family Preservation Team Leader

Position Summary:

Under the direction and leadership of the Program Director, as a Family Preservation Team Leader you will be responsible for the engagement of children, youth and families referred by the child welfare process for youth mentorship and family support services.  This includes management of all day-to-day internal operational activities pertaining to the Family Preservation Program, including supervision, support, training and evaluation of staff.

In consultation with the clinician and the treatment team, you will assist in the development and implementation of the individual treatment plans. As well you will be required to schedule and chair case conferences and staff meetings, as well as make policy and procedure recommendations to senior management.

You will be responsible to adhere to the provincial certification/accreditation standards, as well as providing team building; training and coaching to staff. Administrative and human resource duties are also required including shift scheduling and performance appraisals, as well as managing an allotted program budget.

You will assist workers dealing with families affected by alcohol, mental illness, addictions and family violence.  You will also be responsible for addressing the provision of concrete services as outlined below, as well as other related tasks assigned.


Major Responsibilities & Key Tasks:

Professional Development - Leads the design, implementation and coordination of intensive staff development to build and enhance core competencies of the Family Preservation staff, specifically:

  • Reflective Supervision - Provides family support workers and child and youth care mentors with a predictable schedule of reflective supervision to support, develop, and evaluate their performance through a process of inquiry that encourages their understanding and articulation of the rationale for their own practices;

  • Reflective Practice Groups/Communities of Practice – Facilitating or coordinating reflective practice groups comprised of staff sharing the same role to improve professional practice through shared inquiry, reflection and learning, including solving practical implementation dilemmas related to engagement with families.

  • Child Development – Ensuring that staff are provided with opportunities to increase their knowledge of child development, including training in proactive, positive approaches to discipline and intervention with children and families with challenging behaviors.

Family Engagement Programming - Leads and coordinates the Family Preservation (family support) program for engaging families of children at risk for child welfare interventions, including implementation of the following evidence-based practices:

  • Supporting the development of the parent-child relationship as children grow and develop from infants to age 5.

  • Developing strategies with families that help them successfully use their own voices to advocate on behalf of their children and themselves;

  • Promoting parents' overall participation in community programs and services;

  • Supporting Family Preservation staff in the use of child screening, assessment and progress data to inform the development of goals in the case management plans.

Interdisciplinary Work & Collaboration - Facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among the Family Support program/staff and other program areas/staff, including:

  • Participating in the continuous quality improvement, ensuring completion daily, weekly, monthly admin work and coordination of timely feedback to staff and case managers;

  • Leading efforts to engage and involve parents with the program, especially child development and learning, in collaboration with Opokaa’sin Early Learning programs.

  • Participating in File Reviews and, in conjunction with the staff and case managers, ensuring case plans are followed and progress monitored;

  • Participating with Clinical Consultant to to plan and implement targeted and intensive interventions for children/youth and families displaying challenging behaviors; and

  • Developing working relationships with local schools, community partners to help coordinate the successful transition of children and families from Opokaa’sin to their next service delivery.

Administrative Support

  • Ensures all performance standards, Accreditation and licensing requirements, and other funder requirements related to program and services are met.

  • Maintain resources (financial, human, capital) within budget for the Family Preservation department

  • Monitors and ensures Family Preservation Agreements and other required documentation for children and families are completed.

  • Participates in the development of program policies, service delivery plans, and ongoing monitoring of program quality.

  • Ensures all assigned program area reports are completed and submitted on a timely basis.

  • Ensures all confidential information is protected.

  • Leads family support team in developing plans and implementation of all recruitment efforts of program participants and maintains full program enrollment.

  • Participates with Human Resources to recruit and hire Family Support staff.

  • Establishes Family Support staff schedules, including approval of time off requests.


  • Attends all required meetings and training, including supervisory training.

  • Coordinating services pertaining to transportation, emergency childcare, and supervised visits. 

  • To be familiar and abide by policies set forth by the agency.

  • Provide an after-care component for families, support and follow-up upon discharge from program. Must maintain confidentiality at all times. 

Reporting Line: Family Preservation Team Leader is directly accountable to the Program Director.

Pay scale: $50,000 - $60,000 based on managerial experience and education.


  • Degree in Human Services, or a Diploma and five years of related experience.

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle.

  • Excellent written & oral communication skills.

  • Previous supervisory and managerial experience.

  • Knowledge of and ability to use child development theories, behavior management techniques, intervention skills, and client group/counseling skills.

  • Knowledge of child welfare legislation, regulation and agreements.  Ability to work flexible hours and on-call hours.

  • Knowledge of First Nations culture and language.

  • Skill is required in problem solving, interpersonal relations, communications, teamwork; maturity/stress management, time management and prioritization.

  • Must undergo a Child Welfare and Criminal Record check.


All potential applicants are required to submit a Criminal Records Check, Child and Youth Information Module, and provide two (2) references, cover letter and resume as a part of their application package.

Screening Criteria: Please be advised that in order to be considered for the position applicants must clearly indicate how they meet criteria. Failure could result in elimination from hiring pool.


Submit complete package to:


Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society

241 Stafford Drive North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2A5

ATT: Human Resources


Phone:  (403) 380-2569  |  Fax:  (403) 327-6775

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