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Indigenous Hub Coordinator

2 Year Contract Position Summary:

The HUB Coordinator is responsible for the establishment of a coordinated Indigenous Family Resource Network (FRN) in Lethbridge.  The Indigenous Family Resource Network will provide a full continuum of universal, targeted and intensive services for Indigenous families, children and youth, through direct service delivery and formal partnerships, that are flexible and responsive to needs.

The HUB Coordinator will establish, coordinate and supervise the FRN Hub and Spokes services provided by Opokaa’sin, including but not limited to, the development and implementation of the FRN Standards of Practice, the North Star, Parent Education and White Weasel (After school) programs, a streamlined referral process between partner agencies, performance measures and continuous improvement processes, a communication plan, and a regional Indigenous mentorship building community capacity initiative

In addition, the Hub Coordinator will be responsible for the development and coordination of regional partnerships and collaboration initiatives with the Lethbridge FRN external Spokes and other community partners in Lethbridge.



Accountable to the Program Director and/or Executive Director 



1. Coordination and Supervision of FRN HUB and Spokes offered at Opokaa’sin

Program Management
  • Facilitate the planning and development of all HUB and Spokes programs and services based on program goals and deliverables.

  • Develop and implement standardized intake and screening processes system for the HUB and Opokaa’sin Spokes

  • Establish a a streamlined FRN program referral process between Opokaa’sin, other Spokes and community partners

  • Coordinate and supervise the implementation of the HUB and Spokes programs and services Opokaa’sin is responsible for.

  • Establish internal controls and program procedures (file audits, nominals, etc).

  • Ensure that program activities operate within the policies and procedures of the organization.

  • Ensure implementation of FRN standards of practice, regulations and licensing requirements.

  • Ensure that program activities comply with all relevant legislation and professional standards.

  • Advise the Executive Director and Program Director of any gaps in policy/procedures.

Personnel Management
  • Assist in the recruitment, hiring, supervision, training, evaluation, and termination of FRN staff, including North Star Parent Navigator, the After School Program Facilitator and assistant, and administrative staff, and intake worker

  • Interprets policy decisions to staff.

  • Support goal achievement and monitors performance.

  • Assists the FRN staff in developing the necessary skills to be successful within the organization.

  • Supports and encourages staff initiatives.

  • Encourage team building, communication and quality working environment for staff.

  • Provides regular, appropriate, and constructive feedback.

Day-to-day program operations

In collaboration with FRN staff

  • Intake and screening

  • Ensure that all families and youth participating in HUB and Spokes targeted and intensive programs delivered at Opokaa’sin have completed an intake form.

  • Ensure that systems are in place to identify and screen families and youth requiring targeted and intensive programming, either through services offered at Opokaa’sin, or through external Spokes.

  • Weasel Children After School Program

  • Plan the after-school program and the day camps

  • Identify & access resources and resource people for the After-School Program and the cultural camp.

  • Promote programs and services to community,

  • Establish working, and relationships with other community agencies.

  • Coordinate services with existing services Opokaa’sin providers.

  • North Star Program

  • Develop a yearly family/caregiver education program for the school year (Fall/Winter and Spring sessions) and the summer 

  • Identify and invite resource persons and educators

  • Assist in hosting workshops, training events and family activities

  1. Communication Plan

The communication plan will have three objectives:

  • Informs Opokaa’sin clients/family and staff of the activities and FRN programming available to families, children and youth

  • informs community partners about the FRN services and programs available at Opokaa’sin and how to refer families to these programs

  • Recruit new Indigenous families and youth to FRN programming.

A number of communication tools, such as but not limited to, newsletters, social media, community fairs, will be used as part of the communication plan

  1. Coordination of Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Participates in networking and community relation activities to promote community awareness of Opokaa’sins’ mission, programs and services.

  • Attend inter-agency meetings as directed.

  • Develop and implement formal partnerships with external Spokes and other community organizations.

  • Communicates with key stakeholders to identify changing needs and conditions of the community that affect programs and services.

  • Works with key external stakeholder groups.


  1. Indigenous mentorship building initiative 

In partnership with Executive Director and Program Director

  • Builds strong working relationships with Lethbridge and other FRN Hubs and Spokes in Southern Alberta

  • Provide networking and capacity-building opportunities for Indigenous front-line workers of regional FRN Hubs and Spokes

  • Facilitate training/workshops and provide resources to South Alberta Hubs and Spokes on cultural practices & protocols, culturally safe and inclusive programming for Indigenous families.

  • Be available for consultation to other Hub and Spokes employees of Southern Alberta regarding Indigenous families with complex needs

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Development and implementation timely monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems as per grant agreement, in partnership with the evaluator, including but not limited to monthly nominals, yearly parent and youth surveys.


  1. Financial Management

  • Work to ensure adherence to program budgets.

  • Work across programs for the allocation and distribution of resources



  • Diploma/Degree in Human Services and 3-5 years of related experience

  • Experience working with Indigenous families

  • Experience working with Community Service Agencies

  • Supervisory managerial experience

  • Knowledge of policy and procedures development and implementation

  • Knowledge of program management

  • Computer proficiency

  • Demonstration of community development and leadership

  • Must possess excellent written and oral communications skills.     

  • Must possess a Valid Driver’s License and a vehicle.

  • Confidentiality is a necessity.

  • CPR and First Aid Certification

Deadline: January 13, 2023

All potential applicants are required to submit a Criminal Records Check, Child and Youth Information Module, and provide two (2) references, cover letter and resume as a part of their application package.

Screening Criteria: Please be advised that in order to be considered for the position applicants must clearly indicate how they meet criteria. Failure could result in elimination from hiring pool.


Submit complete package to:


Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society

241 Stafford Drive North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2A5

ATT: Human Resources


Phone:  (403) 380-2569  |  Fax:  (403) 327-6775

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