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We provide fully licensed childcare services for children 19 months to 5 years old, one that is culturally focused with a holistic approach to learning!

Childcare Centre


At Opokaa'sin Childcare Centre we focus on children's everyday experiences, their fascination with the world around them and their interests. Together, the children and Childcare Educators, create an environment that is engaging, inclusive and dynamic!

While in the Child Care Centre children will enjoy programming that is matched specifically to their personal needs, here we enjoy learning through PLAY and encouraging growth in all developmental aspects at everyone's pace!

How to apply for Childcare Services:

Part 1 - Register for Childcare here!
Part 2 - Book appointment with Childcare Team Leader to complete a tour and orientation!

Spaces are limited and fill up quickly, no spots are held - only completed applications will be granted enrollment on a first come, first served basis! 

Hi Mama Subscriber

We utilize Hi Mama to provide up-to-date, real time updates to parents, daily reports and communication notes are sent out using Hi Mama.

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