Check out our Early Intervention Programs and why our reputation for delivering fun and engaging outlets for children and youth are always the first choice for First Nations families!


                         Welcome! Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society is an                              Indigenous child and family organization designed to                           provide support services to Aboriginal children and families in Southern


   We have been operating

successfully since 1996 and

have provided essential

child development and

support services to

Aboriginal children, youth and families!

   Opokaa'sin has developed a reputation for excellence and innovation, and the organization is becoming known in Alberta and surrounding provinces as a model for Indigenous service providers.

   Currently, Opokaa'sin serves over 120 children, youth, and families daily, we strive to provide quality programming while maintaining our Indigenous culture, language, and traditions. 

Bringing out the best in children!

We will be adding more information over the next few weeks, thank you for your patience!

what our parents say

My children got a strong sense of self and identity early in life because of Opokaa'sin. They never wavered in their positive image of who they were as Indigenous people. They are now University graduates. 

— Opokaa'sin Parent

Opokaa'sin "all the children", a simple term used to describe all the joy and importance that children play within society, as well as the responsibility that comes with raising our children.

241 Stafford Drive North Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 3T6 | Phone: (403)380-2569 | Fax: (403)327-6775

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